I am Tessa. I have been married to a ruggedly handsome dairy farmer for the last 9 years and, during that time, we have been blessed with two incredible sons. They are currently ages 5 and 2 and are the most beautiful and sweet little boys in the world (I realize I may be a little biased on that point). Our third baby will make his or her appearance in November.

Our family goes a little bit against the grain. We are a Christian attachment family. Some wonderful words that describe my family and lifestyle include: crunchy, natural, unschooling, homesteading, cloth diapering, God-fearing, positive/gentle parenting, and simple living.

Things I enjoy:

  • Sewing (particularly ring slings)
  • Reading novels or referance/learning books
  • Facebooking and Pinteresting (can I use those as verbs?)
  • Bookkeeping, marketing, and making business plans
  • Coming up with business ideas/products that I have no time to follow through on
  • Having visit and a cup of coffee (only if it tastes more like vanilla than coffee) with a friend
  • Watching my family play together
  • Challenging myself to gain knowledge and skills
  • Natural birth, breastfeeding, co-sleeping and watching people become mothers and fathers
  • Getting revelations from Scripture that apply to my daily living
  • Singing and playing various instruments (bought a piano recently and what a blessing!)
  • Encouraging others to succeed at whatever they put their heart into
  • Journalling and digital scrapbooking
  • Playing World of Warcraft and watching Top Gear
  • Chick flicks. Can’t get enough of ’em!
  • Making lists (in spite of being to scatterbrained to actually remember where my lists are)

Leave your words of wisdom

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