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Manitoba Maple Have you ever heard of a Manitoba Maple? A lot of people look at it as a weed because it throws off seedlings like crazy. A wonderful thing about Manitoba maple trees is that they grow in Alberta. The best part: you can tap them!

I would love to make enough syrup every year for my own family. I think it would be a fun experience for us, plus I have a feeling it would be absolutely delicious. However, I have done a bit of research and Manitoba maples take about 25-50 years before they are large enough to tap. Even when they are large enough to tap, you need to harvest 40 liters of sap to make 1 liter of syrup. They should be at least 8 inches in diameter and the average (which is usually larger that 8 inches diameter) will yeild about 56 liters. So that means one tree will yield just over 1 liter of syrup.

Helicopter Seeds
I have recently discovered I have about 4 of these trees growing in my front yard. This is my family’s 5th summer here and I have just discovered what kind of trees they are. I wish I had discovered this sooner. Perhaps in February or so. That would allow us time to prepare to tap them.

Now we are moving.

I have found some of those seedlings and I plan to take them. Did you know that fall is a good time of year to transplant trees? I do believe that will work. And then I’ll wait for 25 years until they grow big enough to tap. Do I need the syrup? Obviously not. It will be a labour or love. Because in addition to providing delicious syrup, Manitoba Maple trees are deliciously beautiful!

cave in manitoba maples

My boys have dubbed this hollow between the trees, “The Cave”