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Homeschool or Conventional School?

I recently went a great even put on locally (Red Deer, Alberta) called “Let’s Talk Homeschooling.” It was put on by a lovely lady named Karen and I sat in front of a snake the entire time. How is the snake relevant? The fact that I was willing to confront one of my biggest fears in the whole world might put into perspective how much value I placed on this event.

Here is the description of the event from Karen’s website: “Let’s Talk Homeschooling! is a chance for parents and caregivers to ask their questions about homeschooling and get some answers. I will share my own homeschooling experiences, provide you with information about homeschooling, and help you decide if it’s something that will work for you.”

I knew before I arrived that I would likely be at a different place than many of the other parents attending due to the fact that I have already researched, prayed, and decided that home education is the path that is right for my family. I went anyway because I love learning more about it and meeting like-minded moms.

After introducing herself and telling us her own family’s journey toward homeschooling, Karen asked us to write down a few of our concerns about our children going to conventional school. What a great exercise. It was incredible to see that, in spite of feeling like they were alone in their concern for their children, nearly all of the parents shared the same concerns. I had a chat with a mom specifically about the fact that we just enjoy being with our children and didn’t want to spend that many hours a day away from them. She told me that before I mentioned that I just love to be with my children, she felt like there was something wrong with wanting to spend all day, every day with her kids.

Next we had a bit of a question and answer period where Karen explained different things like styles of homeschooling, requirements of homeschoolers in Alberta (rule vary from province to province), and even what a typical homeschool day can look like. Karen told us that she initially envisioned homeschooling as the children sitting in a basement for 7 hours every day hitting the books and they came up at supper time for a few hours of sunlight before they did homework and went to bed.

A few of my favorite points of the evening were that:
a) We all want good things for our children. Whether you seek those good things through conventional schooling (public or private), or whether you seek them through homeschooling, there isn’t a parent out there that doesn’t want their child to thrive.
b) “Your children will only get behind if they are running the same race.” What a wonderful way to explain that it doesn’t matter what grade your child is in or what their grades are. What matters is who they are.
c) If you don’t have the answer, you can always consult “The Magic Google Box.” For anyone who knows me, I Google everything. It is amazing how many free resources there are to help us educate ourselves and our children.

I hope that you will all head over to Karen’s website, Karen’s Homeschool Adventures. She has some great videos that you can watch to learn more about homeschooling and the types and even misconceptions about homeschooling. If you’re at all interested in discovering more about if homeschooling may be a good fit for your family, see if you can attend her next event. Tell her that Tessa sent you!

Disclaimer: I was in no way compensated for this review. I chose to do it because I appreciate Karen’s efforts at helping parents decide whether homeschooling is for them or not.