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Have you ever heard of how to eat an elephant? You eat it one bite at a time.
This is the continuation of my previous post. In that post I gave you a partial list of my lifestyle improvement goals and asked you to make your own list. I hope that you now have your own list made and I hope that you went nuts on it and made a great word picture of how you want your life to look.
Step 1: Choose an area or two that you feel the most overwhelmed with or that you feel are the most important areas to move forward. I chose housework and Jesus. (Remember when the answer to every question asked in Sunday School was “Jesus?” He’s the answer here too.)
Step 2: Choose one sub-topic in that area.
  • Housework: My “sub topic” was my dining table. It was piled like a meter high with junk and it was a nuisance when trying to eat dinner at the table and it was an eyesore and it made me feel like my entire life was piled a meter high with junk. I can’t tell you how good it is to walk into the room and my table is clear and clean (even if it is just for a few minutes a day). For some people they get this feeling by shining their sink, another mom I know got that feeling from cleaning off her kitchen island, another for keeping the entryway clear.
  • Jesus: I wanted to get to know Him better and bring Him (back) to the center of my life.
Step 3: Make a simple plan and jump in:
  • Housework: I made it my goal to clear off the table (done over a few weeks of 10-15 min per day spurts) and keep it clear. I don’t do it every single day (sometimes we’re out the door before I ahve time to do it) but I don’t beat myself up over it. Slowly my table expanded to doing my dishes every day. And with no dishes piled up everywhere I was/am able to wipe my countertops every day. When I get behind and I look at my kitchen and get overwhelmed I simply go back to square one: clear and clean the table.
  • Jesus: Everywhere that I looked and everything that I read and all the convictions in my heart told me that the best way to improve my relationship with the Lord is to read His Word. Sounds simple enough but I’m going to have to be perfectly honest with you: outside of church and the ladies Bible study that I attended, I pretty much never picked up my Bible. I made a goal to increase my Scripture intake. I figured that I dedicate more than 15 minutes per day to Facebook alone, not including the articles I read on it and, more recently, Pinterest. The least I could do was give 15 minutes a day to get to know the One who gave His life for me. Ouch. What a reality check that was for me! I tried last year shortly after I had the baby but he was….. hard and I didn’t keep up with my reading. So I started all over this year. Who cares if I “failed” my attempt at this last year? I’m doing way better this year! Currently on day 162 of a 365 day plan. Woot! Last year’s failures don’t need to dictate this year’s success.
So let’s recap: First you will need to choose a major area or two of importance. Second you will need to find your bite sized piece, and third is to take a bite. And then another. But just start with one bite. You may not have conquered the world but you are one bite closer than you were 10 minutes ago!
What is the bite-sized improvement that you working on right now?