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There is something satisfying about drinking my morning coffee from a pretty cup. It’s even better when I can drink it hot. Hot coffee seems like such a novelty to me.
I am not one of those people that needs to drink my coffee before I get my day started. My day starts the instant my little ones and I awake. They hit the ground running and I find it is best if I follow suit. I use it more as a reward for when I’m done my first couple tasks in the morning. I clean for a couple hours (with frequent interruptions to referee or wipe bums) and then I get to sit down with my coffee and sometimes a good book, sometimes Facebook or Pinterest, or sometimes a stack of Magic School Bus books with two children in my lap.
I’m used to drinking lukewarm coffee. I have even been known to stick it in the microwave to reheat (yes, I do realize microwaves are not optimal for health so if you have another quick way to warm it up I’m all ears). I used to put it in a spill proof thermos cup so I could have hot coffee all day long and not have to worry about the kids knocking it over. Then I realized that I just really look forward to my 5 minute intervals of sitting on the couch, sipping my coffee, pretending that I am in a quaint Parisian coffee house listening to Bach and reading a really great historical romance novel.
My daily “me time” consists of a pretty mug, lukewarm coffee that is heavily laden with French vanilla creamer and the tumult of two little boys, that I absolutely adore, playing with their trucks and loaders. Peace and quiet will come one day and, on that day, I’ll be glad I appreciated the noise while it lasted.