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Did you know that if you listen to 15 minutes of the Bible a day you can get through the whole Bible in a year? I learned that from an excellent book I read a while back. If you are anything like me, that sounds way less intimidating than looking at that big fat Bible thinking, “I know I should read it but when can I find the time?”
The last few days I have been suffering from a terrible headache. I believe it was a side effect of mastitis and it even got to the point that, out of desperation, I took two extra strength acetaminophen (in retrospect, I should have tried the peppermint essential oil that I have sitting in my cupboard). It helped take the edge off but the pain was still there. It hindered my ability to keep up with housework, play with the kids, and was made significantly worse when I read and write.
The thing about being a mom is that I don’t get any sick days. I am behind on my housework, and haven’t spent as much time outside with the boys as normal. I am also behind on my Bible reading. I might as well be perfectly honest and tell you I was about two weeks behind anyway. I had recently reactivated myself and seriously been trying to catch up though. I didn’t want to get even further behind!
My normal reading time had been spent in the rocking chair while nursing Isaac down for his nap. I held him a little longer than I needed too so I could read two days at a time. He had just started to get into the rhythm of napping at a semi-regular time but even the kids were thrown off by Mama’s sickness. Once I got out of the rhythm of reading regularly I knew it would be tough to start up again.
After a couple of days I reminded myself that the Bible app on my smartphone that I use to keep track of my reading plan has a wonderful feature: Max Lucado reads it out loud. I had/have no excuse for being behind.  So I recommitted. Then I had to find a way to listen while keeping my hands busy. I have a hard time just sitting there listening without trying to follow along but didn’t want the pounding in my head to get worse. I grabbed Caleb’s crayons and coloring book and he and I colored and listened. It wasn’t ideal because Caleb kept interrupting to ask me for my crayon or what color he should make something but at least we were both getting some scripture in our heads. It is a good thing Isaac was napping or I would also have been distracted by picking crayon out of his teeth.
I had been looking for a simple way to get more Bible reading in with my boys and now I think I found it. So I thank God for showing me another way to make His Word a part of our daily lives. I have a feeling we will be doing a whole lot more coloring in the future.